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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Search Hacks

If you’re making a search using two or more words, here are some ways to get better results.

  • Qualify your search by using AND, OR, or NOT.

    For instance...

    SEARCH [ CBRE AND Multifamily ]
    RESULT: You get only the items that include both "CBRE" and "Multifamily"

    SEARCH [ CBRE NOT Multifamily
    RESULT: You get any items that include "CBRE" without mention of "Multifamily"

    SEARCH [ CBRE OR Multifamily ]
    RESULT: You get all items that include any mention of "CBRE" and any mention of "Multifamily"

  • Use quotes around phrases or names.

    SEARCH [ Lee and Associates ]
    RESULT: You get any item that includes both "Lee" and "Associates" - in any combination and order.

    SEARCH [ "Lee and Associates" ]
    RESULT: You get only the items that include the exact company name.

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